Help Your Community For Free

Help Your Community For Free Joseph Purpura.png

When I mention the phrase “help your community”, what do you picture? Maybe you think about going door to door, asking for donations. Or, you might think of a school-funded car wash. Whatever you’re imagining, chances are it centers around money. Although providing money to those in need is helpful, there are other ways we can help those in need, even when our budget is tight. These are just a few of the easiest, free ways you can help your community.

Cleaning Homes

Although most of us have our Spring cleaning done, you might notice your home could use another good scrub. Do you know who else noticed their home’s dust build-up? The elderly person living down the street. Most of us know a few people who struggle to get their homes clean, so try offering a hand. Not everyone will be receptive of this help, but those who are will be thankful that you stopped by.

Offer Your Car

We all know someone who relies on public transportation, walking, or riding a bicycle everywhere. This can be difficult on people who need to travel far distances, or who need to go shopping. Rather than letting these people lug their bags everywhere and risk getting robbed, offer to take them where they need to go. Although this may take you a bit out of the way, it will also be a huge relief to those you are helping.

Help A Sick Neighbor

Have you ever had a neighbor who tried to do everything they normally do right after surgery? Some people are stubborn, but will accept help if it is offered. If you know someone is sick or in recovery, you could offer to do their yard work, cook for them, or even take them to appointments. Older people in particular need help, as many times they are alone and don’t have the resources to help them out. No matter what the case, offering your services will help your neighbor heal much faster.

Helping your community does not have to be difficult or expensive. In most cases, helping is as simple as offering help where help is needed. Before committing to a lazy Saturday or an evening in, see if you can spend that time helping someone in your community.


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