Pass Along Your Blessings

Pass Along Your Blessings Joseph Purpura.png

Each of us has experienced a time where a stranger has gone out of their way to help us in a time of need. We are never prepared to receive such kindness, but it serves as a reminder that blessings do exist. Many people wish they had a way to repay these acts, but they cannot think of an appropriate solution. It is my belief, however, that the best way to repay kindness is to pass it along. The next time you receive help from someone you do not know, try one of these acts to pass along the blessings.

Pay For The Next Customer

This one is as simple as it is popular. A great way to make someone’s day is by paying for their coffee order. There have been stories of hundreds of people paying for the next person’s order at drive thrus. You could, with some help from the cashier, do this in a store, as well. In fact, there are few places you could not do this. It may not cost a ton, but it will surely make someone happy.

Have Dinner With The Homeless

How many times have you seen homeless people begging for food? Yes, there are people panhandling when they have no need, but some people genuinely could use a burger and fries. Next time you see a homeless person, ask them if they would like to have dinner with you. You don’t have to go somewhere expensive; there is probably a cheap fast food place somewhere in the vicinity. Sit down, talk with them, and help them feel cared for. Make sure they eat and let them choose what they would like. Some people are down on their luck for reasons beyond their control, and they will always remember this act of compassion.

Offer Help To Those In Need

Have you ever seen a person with a flat tire, looking around hopelessly? How about someone stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down car? These are the people who could use an extra hand, even if you aren’t handy. Ask if the person would like some help, and if you have experience with the problem, let them know. Many people will deny help, but the act of offering your assistance will stick with them. However, plan to follow through until the end if you do offer. Not only is it the noble thing to do, it will also mean a lot to the person you helped.

Receiving blessings reminds us that God is watching out for us. Passing along our blessings is a great way to bring God’s love into our daily lives. Next time you have the opportunity, pass along your blessings to someone else who could use them.


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